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Apple had wowed the world in 2007 when it first introduced the iPhone. And the rest is history. Until now, with the smartest versions of iPhones, the age of iPhone applications development has ascended into a new dimension. The Apple store market offers around 1.4 million applications that have the phenomenal potential to create interest in the users. This has maximized the iPhone usage by a general user and continues to do so.

Top trends in the iPhone market

Following are the trends that iPhone app development companies in India and mobile application developers take note of it.

Swift – the developer’s delight

Apple launched the multi-paradigm programming language named ‘Swift’ in the year of 2014. Since then, it has become popular among iPhone application development India companies and mobile application developers. And, the best part here is, Swift 2 has also been launched with user-friendly features.

iBeacon – showing the way

The iPhone app development companies in Bangalore have made personalized mobile applications for the target audience using iBeacon – which gives the locations of customers, collecting information from nearby supermarkets, shopping malls and centres, theatres and so on.

Apple watch and wearable gadgets

Apple won the hearts of a significant audience when it introduced the Apple watch. Not that it has a less mesmerized audience. But, wearable gadgets of this type became the talk of the town and now the best iPhone app development company would like to grab this opportunity by developing creative applications for them.

M-commerce for enterprise

Increased online shopping of users has boosted the area of enterprise mobile application development as more and more business want to compete and capitalize their business through it.

Applications on cloud

From 2015 onwards, the cloud-based applications put in a great lot of interest for application developers. First of all, it allows freeing up of limited memory, enabling smaller applications, smart synchronization and other features. This trend will stay for a long time.

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