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Though there are notable number of Apple users in India, Android applications still the toppers based on the number of Android users. Businesses or individuals, both connect the common masses with the help of Android applications, it is because they are the target audience which mostly uses Android Smartphones and Tablets. There are already 1.43 million apps published over the Google play store.

Recognizing this demand, most of the businesses are relying upon Android application development India service from mobile application development companies. Following the latest trends, technologies and assessing the requirements of businesses, the Android app development companies in Bangalore offer the solution. However, there are several points of importance that developers need to take care about. And, here they are.

Common app design pitfalls

The developers at mobile application development companies Bangalore should avoid common user interface pitfalls, such as:

Old web-kind design – Scaling down of desktop designs to fit mobile applications would draw an unpleasant experience for the users.

Too much detail – Putting too much detail without context turns off an user and that is why it is important to give up all trivial information. It is better to be precise.

Data ‘insecurity’

It is a challenge faced by any Android app development company in India. Data security should be a primary feature of an application because the Android users put their valuable information on that. Working towards the enhancement of data security would draw better ratings and higher downloads.

Low shelf life

E-commerce businesses share a significant competition with each other and that is why the  developers for Android app development in Bangalore need to focus on the shelf life of an application. Users who do not find an application useful or interesting clearly neglect or just uninstall them. Sending new notifications, updates with features and other technical feeds would increase the shelf life of those applications.

Reviewing the applications made by an Android app development company in Bangalore, the users give their feedback. Those feedbacks are useful in transforming the application’s features into an advanced and user-friendly one.

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