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In terms of technology, the challenges for developers are aplenty. It’s always the concern of user that drives most of the technology companies to find an effective solution. Android is loved by all, there’s no doubt about it. However, the Android mobile application developers face a stiff competition against various other developers to provide the cutting-edge solution.

An Android app development company in Bangalore is bound to face several hurdles in the road to success, but the following are some of the major challenges that require immediate attention.

Fragmentation nightmare – It refers to the software and hardware fragmentation nightmare faced by the developers due to multitudes of devices and different versions of Android installed in them. This way Android app development in Bangalore can be highly problematic.

android app development company in India

Security – This is not a new challenge, yet it is the hardest one to resolve. The user’s data security is always of maximum importance and once a malware gets inside, finding a standardized solution for different fragmentations is too difficult to achieve.

Too many applications – The Android market is highly competitive and the android app development company in India tries to get on the ace ranks, where the users would go on to select the particular one.

Cross-platform compatibility and issues – With newer devices enabled with Android, the cross-platform compatible application development is a tight challenge that developers face.

Overcoming these challenges would help developers generating efficient solutions for the various types of businesses.

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